Sunday. Baking day.

It’s been catch up day here.  I am finally not in pain. It was a beautiful day and I had planned all day to run but really wanted to get a head start on Alex Michael’s package of cookie bars.   I should have mailed it last week but we all know how last week went.  So today I started the day with baking.  I planned to produce an evening meal and head out for a run.

That was before the weather report.

Sean came home from walking Malachi and holy smokes.  32 mph wind gusts.  It was so beautiful out!!!  He knows how I feel about wind so he made sure to tell me.  I was really going to brave it anyway but…I think I’ll brave the treadmill instead.

Two batches gluten free protein bars.

Two batches Magic Cookie Bars.

Running coming up.  This should be good.