I ran. I might survive.

So I forced myself out the door tonight

I immediately started to “deal”.

~I’ll just go 2 miles.  I haven’t felt good.

~I can go my quick little 3 mile route.  It’s been such a rough week.

~Then I said…suck it up.  Even if you have to walk. Just do it.  You know to create energy…you have to create energy.  So start.

~So I did my planned 5 mile route. I felt pretty good. Nice and strong. It was freezing cold and I thought it felt good so I had ditched my coat.  I’m a wuss and I regretted it. Man I was cold.

When I got back my Garmin said my planned ~I’ve run this a million times and it’s always 5 miles?~ was 4.79 miles.  #frustration

Oh well.  it’s done. And I get points for running.

Now for Michelle.  A little bird told me she got a major long run done tonight.

Wish she’d share.  Alas, she’s busy being a mom.


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