I thought I left Oz

When out for my run, I am often dodging these:



The tumbleweed, not the kid. The size of these things are like nothing I’ve seen before. And I’m from Kansas. I’m terrified of them. They do make for an exciting run though. I feel like I’m in some obstacle course game, like Wipeout, minus the water and giant balls.  So far, I’ve won each round. If you don’t hear from me in awhile though, look for the lump under a pile of tumbleweeds. It might look something like this:



3 Replies to “I thought I left Oz”

  1. You really think my husband would allow that to happen in our backyard? Ha! No. It’s down the road a bit.

  2. Yeah, I thought that was a little nuts. But I remembered you telling me the yard needed work. And you guys have been busy since you moved in. I mean, he’s had to paint the ceilings… other things have priorities. 😉

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