Daily motivation.

You either ran today or you didn’t.

I read this almost every day on  I <3 to run on Facebook.  It successfully sucks the motivation and the air right out of me.  It almost always comes on a day I can’t run or haven’t run for one important or non important reason or another.  I wonder how many people it does motivate.  Or if it does.

So recently I’ve been pondering exactly what it takes to motivate me.

We have to keep in mind I’m not your average athlete (shut up. I am, too, an athlete).

I knew several weeks ago when the migraine train hit that I was in trouble.  I was on a roll with my running, feeling really strong and having a good time.  As soon as a few days pass without a run…it becomes critical I get on the road again.  I was out for almost a week.  That’s all it takes.

I noticed I was sleeping at the kitchen counter.  I’ve napped on the weekends, and sometimes after work if I have a chance, rarely do I get the chance.  I have zero energy.  I’ve begun the stupidity. God bless it. My numbers are wacked.

My specialist has given me a new prescription.  It takes up to six weeks to kick in.  I’m a little nervous about it as it is 80% less than the medication I was getting before.  God only knows what that’ll do to me.  She has it in her head she knows what she’s doing.  Don’t they all.

So I’m relying on me to get my ass running and Denver’s snow is NOT helping.  I’m going to try just.doing it.


And in the process of just doing it…I’m going to have to look past that status.

  • Sometimes a photo with a great quote is all it takes.
  • Frequently it’s Miss Michelle.  She just always has that energy to get going out the door, even in the snow.   Taking care of her kids she still finds the time.  And she doesn’t just take care of them. She takes them to museums and parks and actually teaches and entertains them.
  • And sometimes it’s that my pants don’t fit (we’re in that direction right now).
  • My mood is always affected by it and I can’t deny the overwhelming sadness that is overtaking me.  I’ve run a few times but I need my regular schedule back.  That can be motivation enough.

I <3 to Run has good intentions but I feel like instead of motivating it’s making me feel like a slug when I can’t run.  It has the opposite effect.  A post that encourages is going to have much more success for me than one that  points out my failures.

This post was all over the place but let’s hope for a great week of running and good weather!