Random Thursday

Okay, I don’t really have a lot but here is my morning information.

1. MT had what appeared to be an eye infection for like…a MONTH.  I finally got him an appt for this morning and guess what…it went away.  I called to cancel with great apologies and they gave me the “three no shows and we drop you from the practice” speech.  I was mortified.  I’ve never been a no show.  I told MT the next time he’s freaking going to the damn doctor.

2.  I bought new sheets for my bed and let me tell you, there is nothing as fabulous as new sheets.  I could stay in bed all day.

3. there’s the rub.  I stayed in bed too long and missed my morning run. LOL.  Tonight. Outside on this beautiful day for sure!

4.  My boss commented yesterday she can’t wait for me to be able to have candy again.  Well, I can’t either but I really don’t think I’ve been cranky about it.  I think I just get the munchies.  I hope I wasn’t cranky.

5.  I’m getting ready to rip the wallpaper off my wall.  It’s been up there for 15 years.  Sounds bad but it’s so pretty.  I may be sad.

6.  I need to make a list.  Let’s face it, I need to make a million lists.  Things I need to fix on the house.  Things I need to get for the house.  Things I need to HAVE fixed on the house.  *sigh* I wonder why I get overwhelmed.

7.  I’m super late for work.

8.  I have scheduled my long run for Easter morning.

9.  I am pretty sure we will just be our little family of three on Easter.  Kinda bummin’ but we’ll still have fun.

10.  If I had a million dollars I would pay someone to come fix my sprinker system.  Yep.  That’s my priority.


2 Replies to “Random Thursday”

  1. What’s wrong with the sprinkler? I happen to know someone pretty intimately who could help.

  2. We have a very old sprinkler system. It’s probably 20 years old. We have a few little spots that seem fairly easy but apparently we have one zone that won’t come up when he turns it on but when he turns it off it leaks. It’s driving him nuts and we’ve gone two years at least with no sprinkler system and now a dead lawn. Our yard used to be SO pretty. I miss it. And now with the drought restrictions I really see all that helping. 😉

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