Sunday Sweet List

1.  My new smart phone.  I may not love it yet but it does the job I need it to.

2. Sean.  His patience and kindness while he sets up the phone to just the way I would like it is amazing. I am blessed and I always know it.

3.  Little boy Easter outfits.  Tiny little Easter vests and ties.  Cutest things ever.

4.  JCP (otherwise known as JCPenney’s).  Great deals and such cute stuff.  love it.

5.  Beautiful weather today.  Morning run was absolutely glorious and it’s so pretty I’m heading out again.

6.  A great church family.  MT had a little issue at church and they were there to “catch” him  Never have to worry.

7.  A clean Jeep.  Seriously this should be #1.  Praise Jesus that sucker needed vacuuming SO bad.

8.  Countdown to the first half marathon.  It may be the only one I have a partner for so I’m going to enjoy it.

9. Easter.  I can have candy again.  (whew)

10.  Starburst.  Original and jelly bean thankyouverymuch.

11.  Montana for buying me original for Easter.

12. Strawberry season.  Holy smokes the strawberries I bought last night are HUGE.

13.  The most beautiful Easter sunrise. Ever.