All good things….

We plan and God laughs.

I tried to think of cliche’s but those were the only two my brain could produce at this hour.

All good things come to those who wait.

Michelle and I have both had our training plans derailed by illness that lasted for weeks.  Hers was far enough in she was able to rebound and has come back pretty strong considering being out for almost three weeks.  She doesn’t believe it and has declared herself a 10k girl.  Totally a possibility of course.  I think we should wait and see.

Mine takes more recovery.  I know it happens, I hoped it wouldn’t.  I didn’t see this one coming but it did and now I have to deal with it.  But I’m still running and that’s all that matters.  I’ve run a marathon on next to no mileage* so I figure what’s a half marathon, right?  I just have to rebuild.  While Michelle gets to begin her pretty little taper week, my beautiful calendar shows my training plan with zeros all last month practically (a slight exaggeration) so  I’ll still be running.

Full disclosure.  I would be anyway.  I am not so great at tapering.  My legs always end up all heavy and sluggish.  This is not the norm so follow your training plan.  It’s smart.

I’m excited for our first.  To get the show on the road.  It feels like it’s time.

Miss Andrea has been dealing with an ITband injury also and has been doing yoga and swimming and pool running to stay in shape.  It’s that time I guess.  I can’t stress enough the importance of stretching, foam rolling, following your training plan, not increasing your mileage too soon.  It’s soo important.

It’s a beautiful Monday morning!  Have a great day!

*not recommended!! Follow your training plan.