Sweet List Saturday and other news!

I’ve been hit with another migraine.  It came on Wednesday I think and it’s pretty awful.  I feel like I’m coming off of it but I think Sean and I both agree something has to change as this is just getting crazy.  We need a new plan. We need a new drug. Wait…that’s  a song.

So…I’m no longer gluten free. Why?  Cause a girl has to eat something.  And I’m tweaking everything and cutting a lot.  I figure let’s start fresh.

I do like being gluten free though so I’ll probably keep it pretty light anyway.

Sean’s friend, Steve, sent us a link to a great list of things to avoid and things to do for migraines.  95% of the list was standard stuff I’ve seen many times but I always like the reminders, you know.  And every list seems to have a new thing.  This one definitely did have a few things and it had a great list of supplements I was unaware of and I’m going to head out and pick them up.  Thanks Steveyou’llneverreadthisblogbutIappreciateitanyway! You’re so thoughtful!

Starting today:  No cheese.  (sadness).  I’ve actually done this many times before and it doesn’t work but hey…worth another shot. I’m only doing it for a few weeks as a test.  For the very reason that I’ve done it before.

No diet soda…even caffeine free.  I love my Diet Pepsi.  So Pepsi Next it is.  I’ve had it and it’s really good.  Just not Diet Pepsi.  Oh…crap. I can’t have that. It has caffeine. Dammit.

Sprite.  Sprite it is Dammit.

No avocados!  I am sad.  Such an awesome superfood.  And no almonds.  Seriously.

Moving on…

Time for Sweet List!

1.  The obvious!  Tomorrow is our First Race!!!! Which I will barely crawl through and I am totally okay with that. What the hell.  It’s gonna be fun.

2.  The new Runners World showed up in my mailbox.

3.  I get my hair done today.  New color.  I’m going lighter a bit today. And maybe some highlights if she’ll let me. She’s the boss. 😉

4.  I get to see pictures of her new baby and hopefully now I’ll learn her name!  (she keeps sending the info to my pre-smart phone via a photo.  Alas, I couldn’t get it)

5.  Audible.com and new audio books.  Love them.

6.  My awesome doctor.  He called me back at work yesterday and asked me about my experience with the specialist he sent me to.  Was genuinely interested.  It helps, I’m sure, that I took him cookies last week.  I just remembered that. LOL. I appreciate a good doctor SO much.

7.  My new Brooks Jacket. I LOVE it.  I have yet to run in it but I LOVE it. I just found out that my lack of patience (which I rarely demonstrate with shopping) has cost me dearly in this case but Sean said it was okay as I shop at Goodwill and Old Navy so it balances out.  He is sweet and making me feel better.  He’s also trying to make nice because he’s already replacing me with all my girlfriends before I’m even dead.  😉

8.  I got everyone at work to call me “Cupcake”.  Why couldn’t THAT be my name?  Admittedly, it has a little ditz and possibly in a pinch is leaning towards stripper thing going with it but hey…Cupcake.  That’s good.

9.  My friend “S” has a friend with the last name “Darling”.  Oh my gosh.  I could be Cupcake Darling.  LOL.  Okay, that might be pushing it.

10.  Now I want cupcakes.  Realistically, I wanted them before.

11.  Owning a smart phone.  I’m still not “smart” but I’m closer.

12.  Having a Christmas account.  I’m already feeling happier about Christmas knowing that will be there.  (You know, it’s already April…)

13.  Finding new shows DVR’d from during the night to watch randomly when I need some background noise.