First half marathon done!! And we rocked it. ROCKED it.

This was a rough little day.  13.1 miles done.  But we kicked some running ass today.

We’ll post a race review later but for now let me say this was a great little race with  few downsides (this is my opinion only of course) but the mileage did wear on us around mile 7 or 8.  This would be that lack of training we discussed earlier.  Both of us being down from illness.  But we did it, most importantly, Michelle did it.  She really came through.  She was tired and sore and pretty much lost her happiness, zest for running and love of the whole game around that mile.


I have her for Colfax but the rest is up in the air.

Some people do not love distance and that is ok.  Those people are made for the short runs.  The speed work.  I always said she was way fast.  I anticipate great things from her no matter what she does.

We finished the race and made the mistake of grabbing some cake.  Her stomach may never be the same.  She was pretty sick.  I already have been dealing with my migraine of the last four days so even though I have LOADS of energy after a race I still had a killer headache.  I was ready to rest.  We headed home.

I had the best time running with her but I worried, too.  I never want to introduce someone to something I love and have them not be happy.  Or feel pressure to do something because I pressured them into it.  It was impressive to see her, she did such a great job.

This was our day according to my Garmin.  We are still waiting on the results.   Her and I both came through with the race long.

And not bad either.   A note:  on mile 13 there was a fairly huge hill right off an interstate.  Two really nasty contributers to my asthma.  So SHE ran the entire way.  I stopped at that pickin’ hill and walked it while taking in my inhaler. I knew before I even got 1/3 of the way up I was going to have to stop and walk.  Kind of bites.  But the inhaler was a huge help.  A hard lesson I’ve learned, to carry my inhaler with me.  Worth it for sure, though.

Miss Michelle, I hope you are feeling better and not hating running and life as much.



3 Replies to “First half marathon done!! And we rocked it. ROCKED it.”

  1. Ha! Pretty sure no one who watched me get up that hill would call what I was doing “running”.

  2. That hill sucked. And thanks Kat!!! We are pretty excited to have #1 done for me and Michelle’s first completed with SUCH success! She is so awesome. It just amazes me she just ran her first 5k last…what…August? Crazy.

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