Photo finish.

We actually have a photo! Can you believe it?

Truth be told, I found a photo (six…six photos of us) on the half marathon finish page.  There is a GREAT one of Michelle.  Lord, the ones of me totally look like ~how many donuts did she EAT?~ and I don’t eat donuts.  *sigh*

But this one is pretty good! It just looks like we ran and killed it.  Which we did.



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    1. I have a rebuttal to this GREAT blog post. I really did enjoy it but I wanted to say I don’t mind having my photo taken. As a matter of fact, I WANT it taken more times than not. Unfortunately, my family will pick that moment when I’m dressed in an ugly sweatshirt, hair hasn’t been done in days, migraine stoned, no makeup and think that’s the best moment for the photo and I think…really? Not the day before? When I was dressed cute, hair cute, makeup on standing next to Daddy smiling adorably? Or standing next to my kid smiling adorably? And yes, I COULD ask them to take my picture. Because I LOVE that. “Can you take my picture?” Good Lord. I get SO tired of constantly having to ASK. Do you KNOW how many photos I take of them all? And there are entire holiday seasons that go by without a single photo of me. I always hear the same excuse. “You hate having your photo taken”. Sorry…that excuse went out of style years ago. Try again.

  1. Silly Kat, I didn’t post the photos that made me look like I ate donuts! I posted the photo where Michelle hid half my thigh!~ Clearly my problem area if you look at the donut photo. 😉

    and I’m totally going to read that later, right after I go to work. Dammit.

  2. Post this to fb! I want it as my profile pic! Because….yeah, the race day photos are not going to be out up!

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