Post Race Update From the Newbie

My first half marathon. It doesn’t feel like it actually happened. I’m going to quote a dear friend here and say, “I didn’t love it, but I don’t regret it.”

The running part went well. Having a perky, gets more energetic as the miles go on running partner? Ok, it probably helped.

What I didn’t love was the whole blood sugar dropping, legs are jello, fruit punch Gatorade grossness, feeling dizzy, you’re giving me cake? Sweet! Oh no, you have me cake on an empty stomach and now I have to stand in a crowded light rail car full of sweaty runners for twenty minutes part. Nope, didn’t love that.

I’m fairly certain I can fix most of the after effects. So, I’ll give it another go. I’try try again to love it. Colfax is in six weeks. Here’s to hoping for a friendlier finish!



2 Replies to “Post Race Update From the Newbie”

  1. Oh man. The fruit punch Powerade was BAD. It was bad. What were they thinking?

    Your first half marathon (and it was WARM) so this was a learning curve for sure. You did so well. I just can’t wait to see how awesome you do at the next one.

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