Sunday Sweet List!

Yeah…I ditched Saturday.

Sir Eliot was gracing us with his presence and I was busy busy.  Then, of course, the migraine came to call.  Le Sigh.

But that’s enough about that.

1.  Sean brought me cupcakes!  and said, “Cupcakes for my cupcake”.   LOL.  It’s possible he gets cuter.

2.  MT worked his BUTT off in my yard yesterday!!  Such a great kid. Yeah, he totally did it for cash, but seriously, do I care?  I didn’t have to do it.

3. Eliot said, “Who loves ya, Baby?” a la Kojak.  FAR before any of you could remember but it’s such a great line.  Classic.

4. He has decidedly set on calling me “Babe”.  I love it.

5.  Hot Tamales.

6.  Two darling new cardigans.  For like…$5 a piece at Nordstrom Rack.  Using my Christmas bonus for fun shopping.

7.  New shoes for Shaughnessy. Because they are gorgeous.

8.  Halfway through the squat challenge.  I’ve only done about 1/4 of them but I’m at least caught up.

9.  Zella capris for running.  Fabulousness to be determined.

10.  Really gorgeous Sunday morning with no obligations so everyone can sleep in.  (I didn’t run yet, iPod is charging)

11.  Dinner in the crockpot.

12.  Line up of great movies all day on television.

13.  Late night fire in the fire pit on the deck.  Breaking the law with the family.  Bonding time.  Special. 😉