Ten Minutes.

So Friday was bus day.  I ended up riding the bus both ways as Sean was super busy at work.  It was a BEAUTIFUL Colorado spring morning and I was incredibly excited to think that riding the bus was going to be a whole new experience with the heat of the sun thankyouGod.  Winter is killing me this year.  I’ve gotten weak.

Unfortunately, the two sweaters I had brought in preparation for my day did nothing for Colorado’s changing temps.  The afternoon was bitter freakin’ cold.  Holy smokes.  Waiting at the bus stop with four burly guys who shivered right along with me is a quick lesson in how cold it is.  We had learned the bus was coming in about ten minutes.  So we huddled in our hoodies and sweaters and jackets and watched the road like ten minutes would magically pass faster.  It was an excruciatingly long ten minutes.

So let’s think about ten minutes.  Ten minutes can move so fast.  Or so…painfully…slow.

Ten minutes that fly by:

1.  Cooking a meal that requires multiple dishes done at once and all requiring your attention. Meanwhile the family is asking you questions an also demanding your attention. Wait, did you set the table?

2.  Shopping, you’ve checked every other place, you need an outfit for an event and the last resort ~but hey, there may be something here~ store is closing in ten minutes. 

3.  Taking a test

4.  reading

5.  When you are late to work and every stop light kicks in to make you…stop. 

6.  sleep you get between snooze alarms

7.  usually that last mile that’s familiar and comfortable. 


Ten minutes that drag:

1.  waiting on the results of the pregnancy test (okay, to be fair, that’s only about 3 minutes.  But you get the idea)

2.  Sitting in the cold waiting for the bus to come. 😉

3.  Taking a test when you don’t know the answers.

4.  Running a mile. The first mile.

5.  MT says a sparring round in Muay Thai

6.  In school…waiting for the lunch bell/the schools out bell

7.  Calming a crying baby in the middle of the night.

8.  Being trapped in the window seat on an airline when you HAVE to use the restroom.