It’s About To Get Spiritual

I began my running journey last May (2012) in an effort to run a 5k for a charity dear to my heart. Maybe it’s because I ran with my dad in mind or maybe it’s just the very nature of running, but it became a bit of a spiritual thing for me.

I’m not the type to sell my faith to everyone I meet. I’ve never been confident enough in my convictions for that. There are many in my life who would never guess that I keep a bible in my nightstand, say grace before dinner, or spend my runs talking with God, working things out.

Most Sundays you will not find me inside a church. You will instead find me dressed in my jogging Sunday best, running by church after church. I assure you, I am closer to God at that moment than I would be sitting inside any of those buildings.

I began running almost a year ago with a quick prayer of thanks to God for giving me the ability to run. That prayer has turned into an ongoing conversation of thanks, hope, grace, and strength. I continue to run today because my conversation with God is not yet over. Only God, of course, knows when it will be. I often let him know on those long runs, that though I am ready for that days mileage to be over, I am nowhere near ready to end our conversation or the running that goes with it.


UPDATE: Well, I didn’t intend for this to be such a timely post. All my thoughts, prayers, and love to Boston. Looking forward to my next run….it may be a long one.

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    I could have written that post, though not nearly as eloquently. Thanks for sharing.

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