Absence of sweetness

I broke my rule and didn’t post for days and days.  It’s been crazy busy and I just haven’t had a chance to put something together, even in my mind.  But it’s Sunday night and even though I have a million things to do I thought I would sit and jot a note out.

It’s a week tomorrow since the bombing in Boston and it feels so good to have a sense of completion with something, doesn’t it?  To know they caught the men responsible is pretty awesome.  The city of Boston and everyone involved in the hunt and capture really made us all proud.

I did okay working out this week but still ended up with three days of rest smack in the middle.  Circumstances beyond my control and I just didn’t feel great.  I really need to learn more about motivating myself when I’m so tired I’m asleep at the counter.

Saturday, though, Miss Michelle and I did a 9 mile long run and it felt really good.  I don’t think Michelle liked it as well as I did…but I felt pretty strong and I need that.  She has a little more time to build up her mileage again.  If the weather would cooperate.  I actually came home and got the puppy and headed out for another 2.25.  Of course, it was walking the dog so it was more like fartleks.  Run…..stop and pee.  Run….stop and pee.  Again, the dog.  Not me.  I have another half in two weeks.  I’m hoping to keep the evil tireds at bay.

I did pick up a cold from Eliot but it’s so minor I’m embarrassed to call it a cold.  It was pretty short lived, too, so I figure I got away lucky.

I’ll aim for a more together post tomorrow.  Have a great night and…

Run on.