If we’re skipping miles…

I vote #1.  And maybe #2.  Those suckers are the hardest for sure.

Seriously.  I mean, by the time you get to #7 you are all warmed up.  It’s lucky #7.

I talk big.  I have been running a ton lately.  It’s the accountability.  I have a lot of races to prepare for and I don’t want to let myself down and I don’t want to let Michelle down.  So I run.  It’s made me very strong this year.  Even with my migraine and thyroid issues that led to weeks of NON running…I still am stronger.  It feels very good.

Yesterday was hard.  I was sick, I was cold, I was tired.  I chose sleep.  Today I decided I must power through.  So I did.  It was seriously cold.

As predicted, I warmed up.  I finished five miles and felt great.  Cold but great.  Interestingly, Michelle said I speed up as I go and that is pretty clear.  My splits were crazy funny based on her saying that.