Seven Mile Marker

My sister claims her runner’s high begins at mile seven. Mile seven for me is always the beginning of a struggle. It’s when my legs get heavy and I get bored.

Mile seven is when I realize that I’ve been running for a long time. Mile seven is when I start to think, “Seven is enough, can I be done now?” Mile seven is not a lucky one for me. Mile seven is when I think “I’m probably just a 10K kind of girl”.  Mile seven is a major roadblock for me.

So, from now on I request we skip the number seven. I realize it’s a pretty important number for a lot of people. I mean, you’d have to shorten your weeks, whole area codes would go missing, and you’d have to get your slurpee somewhere new. So, its probably a good thing I’m not in charge of Numberland. When it comes to my long runs though, mile seven is going to have to behave or I’m kicking it off my mileage chart. I wonder if I can train my GPS to start over at mile seven?


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