Sweet List!

1.  Night out with friends!

2.  Realizing you are twice the age of most of them but can hold your own anyway.  #runningbonus

3.  Beautiful weather!

4. My smart phone navigator helped me out again last night.  I wasn’t lost (thank God) but it came in handy and I am grateful to have the technology.

5.  Cupcakes and cookies.  Burgers and hot dogs.  Watermelon.  It’s a good day.

6. Shopping!  Thinking of all the things I can spend my Christmas bonus on.

7.  FB is finally moving forward from all the Boston stuff. Not that I don’t want to give it it’s due, I just get emotionally weary.

8.  Hot Wheels cars for Eliot.  I bought a little orange one and a little teal one. So cute! Okay, they might be for me.

9.  I just lost a bet to Sean and he was so happy, I love to see him in that mood.  I’m not happy about the $100 and for heaven’s sake I’ll be a lot more careful before I bet, but it’s nice to see him like that.  #recklessgambling

10.  Being able to eat gluten.  I actually don’t love it all the time, and prefer the gluten free but at least I’m not limited anymore to that.  My life is limited much more now and I miss the simplicity of gluten free. NEVER thought I would say that.

11.  I miss my glasses.  I think I looked much cuter with glasses on.  So here’s a shout out to cute fashion glasses.  Wish I could find a pair that just said “cute”.

12.  Kids.  My kids are amazing.  They have great love for each other. All three of them.  They sometimes display it with tremendous affection and sometimes display it with near fisticuffs.  But it’s there passionately.  Furiously.  Loyally.  They have great love. I couldn’t ask for more.

13.  Running. Always running.  Feeling strong.