When I say I’m stoned…

I should clarify.  I’m just taking prescribed medication for chronic migraines and they leave me feeling a little wonky sometimes when I have to take them a lot.

My migraines go in waves.  Sometimes, usually, they are mild.  Managed well with my diet, good sense and preventative meds.  Sometimes they go a little haywire.  It happens sometimes and this is no fun.  I’m currently in one of those waves. It is a challenge to be able to make myself run when it’s like this.  I have great meds and I have learned what I can take and still function at work, at home and what will just knock me flat.

What I have figured out, though, is the drug that is my “go to” for function, is really bringing my running to a sluggish slow crawl.

And that’s saying something as I’m not that fast to begin with.

I was late for my long run this weekend.  I spend a lot of time sleeping due to a migraine.  Sunday finally summed up some energy to run a little over 2 miles, just to say I ran. I missed it so much!

So Monday it was my goal.

Migraine or not.  OH…I had a migraine?  Yep.  It hit late afternoon.  I took my meds, a half a dose as usual.  It works well and doesn’t make me tired  But as I said, it does tend to make me feel sluggish.



Dressed out.

Forced one foot in front of the other and headed out the door.

Worst. run. ever.  I cannot tell you how bad it was.

It was horrible.  Considering it came on the heels of the worst day ever I’m not really surprised.  But nevertheless, terrible.  I was embarrassed to have it recorded on my Garmin.  I’m sure my Garmin wasn’t even accurate, I had it turned on and off so many times. Crazy ridiculous.

I’m shaking it off and starting fresh.  Gotta be done sometimes.

And I’m working on keeping track of the meds and the runs to see if I can keep them from happening at the same time.  This is no fun for sure.