Pampered. Sort of.

My week is crazy busy.  I’m trying to get everything ready for my weekend while simultaneously taking care of my family.  This is clearly a giant fail as I forgot (forgot!) the dog food and he stared at his empty bowl last night.  Sean went to the store at 10pm and got him *gasp* regular food.  We always give him ~all natural healthy for you don’t mess  with my dog by putting in all those damn preservatives~ food.  That store wasn’t open.  Fail.  I have to get there today so I can get the good stuff.  Meanwhile, the dog is THRILLED because he just got the dog equivalent of Cinnamon Toast Crunch!

I ran a few quick errands yesterday and then told Sean I had to get a pedicure.  It was an emergency.  My feet are killing me.  Too many days in high heels and too many days running.  To his credit, he didn’t even laugh.  My toes are thanking me.  You can’t tell because I’m wearing boots.  It’s snowing today.  But that’s okay, Baby.  That’s okay.

Pedicure day was a rest day.  After Monday’s really horrible run that was so unfriendly I decided to just rest yesterday.  I don’t know if I felt any better about it as I have so many rest days but I definitely am ready for a run today.  I’m killer tired though. I could totally nap.  It’s 8:45am.  LOL

Let’s get this party started!