San Francisco!!

I’m  here!  I’m in San Francisco and It’s beautiful!  Okay, it’s 9:43 at night so how beautiful can it be?  It doesn’t matter because it’s always beautiful.

I had THE most eventful flight of all time with THE most fun people of all time and I REALLY love to travel so even with a bothersome three year old in front of me whamming the seat back (seriously…my seatmates and I laughed so hard I thought we would wet our pants) and the child BEHIND me KICKING my seat… I still had an awesome time.  How’s THAT for a runonsentence?

The hydraulic fluid that was pouring onto the runway was causing the flight to be cancelled as it was an emergency and they didn’t have the part was suddenly fixed with an “o” ring.  I’m wondering if duct tape was involved and I’m trying not to think about it.

The computer problem that indicated there was ANOTHER problem but it wouldn’t say where? …suddenly disappeared.  I wonder, too, if they just…turned up the radio.  That’s what my daddy always said fixed everything.

We made it.  It was great.  I had fabulous laughs.  A mini nap.  Emergency Starburst.  And I get to be here in San Francisco for the next two days.  Can’t get better than that.

Michelle is in Kansas City for her friend’s race for the Pediatric Stroke Awareness.  (I may not have that exactly right as I am typing quickly in the business center so someone else can use the computer).  Miss Michelle, have a FABULOUS race and a good time with your friend and her totally cute baby!!

Talk to ya’ll soon!