San Francisco Diva Half Marathon

Sunday morning and it was time to run!  5:30 came early on.  It showed up at 4:30 for me. What the heck is wrong with my inner clock?  Nope.  Not time change.  That would run the OTHER way.  I’m just broken.

I got up at 5:30 and we were ready to go about 6:30.  Everyone dressed in their blue and yellow in support of Boston.  Oh..except me.  I was wearing black.  Huh.  and Kat.  She was wearing pink.  We decided to kick her out of the club.  What the hell Kat?  pink.  SO conforming.  Kat was lovely enough to bring blue and yellow ribbon so everyone could have bows in their hair and bows on their shirts for Boston.  This was cool as I did not dress the part to support.  I was back in the in crowd.  🙂

We headed out for a morning picture and unexpectedly were HIT by a WAVE of  pink tutus!!  It was tragic.  My gosh.  The pink.  The tutus.  The sparkle.

Kat, Val and I started the race all together and it was seriously bottlenecked at first.  But we hung in for the first few miles having a good laugh at the insanity of it.  Kat dropped back after maybe mile four or five and Val and I kept up.  Val was definitely running slower than her usual pace and I was definitely pushing myself a bit.

I hung in with her until mile 9 feeling REALLY strong and then I think the weeds hit me because the wheezing kicked right in.  Crazy.  I slowed to breathe and didn’t really feel it help.  At mile 11 I turned on my music and as I am a sucker for Imagine Dragons “Top of the World” I sped right up for our fastest mile at 9:o7 according to my Garmin.  Kind of funny.  Sometimes when I hear that song I do a little turn when I’m running.  I just get so energetic to run I can’t help myself.  I’m certain Val thought I was nuts when I did it.  Still, I had a lot of energy at that moment.

Then I lost it. Mile twelve.  I had to stop.  Just for like…30 seconds. Just to breathe.  SO FRUSTRATING>

2:13:59.  (note the 13!  Always lucky)

It was a good time.  Thanks to Val for being a great running partner and bummer we lost Kat when we did. I told her I’d lose the pace, and I wasn’t kidding. I totally did.   I would  run this course again.  With about 3,o62 fewer pink runners.

This cupcake picture is missing Alicia in San Francisco and the rest of our Cupcakes gathered around the country.  But glad we could get this group together!

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  1. We missed having you there SO much. It was definitely a good time. Each year gets better so next year should be awesome. No pressure though… 😉 ~Teresa

  2. LOL, Sorry! I totally didn’t do the pink on purpose, promise!! I’m hoping to be in better shape and keep up with y’all next year 🙂 xo

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