Sweet List

Happy Saturday!

1.  Beautiful freaking morning here. I’m getting ready to take Malachi for a walk.

2.  San Francisco was this week.  Incredible!!

3.  The Diva half marathon (I can’t change the name…I’ve tried, they won’t let me).  The race was awesome and I felt fabulous the whole time.  #2 in the books.

4.  Met some great people and the travel was entertaining to say the least.  I love to travel.

5.  Had SO much fun at work this week. A nice balance from last week.  God is reminding me to be grateful for my blessings.

6.  Solongo brought apple tarts in yesterday.  I love her more and more every time I see her. LOL

7.  My grass is so freaking green.  There is no need to look on the other side of the proverbial or otherwise fence.  😉

8.  Alex Michael is due home in like…a week and a half!!  That rocks thankyouverymuch.

9.  Miss Shaughnessy and Adam got nice reliable cars and we no longer have to worry about them.

10. They were kind enough to give Montana their old car and he is in heaven now.  He has his own car and we are technically a two car family.  That’s kind of cool.

11.  It’s Mother’s Day weekend so I’m fairly comfortable in doing whatever I want.  Dessert and a good movie I think.

12.  Maybe some shopping is in order.  Definitely some shopping.

13.  And I think I should call a girlfriend and get my nails done.  Not in that order but both things should be done!  For sure.

Shout out to Shaughnessy and Michelle..I hope they both feel better.  A crummy weekend to get sick.  I declare a do over.

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  1. Technically he’s not free until November when he gets his license. Much to his dismay… 😉

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