Happy Mother’s Day!

And Happy beautiful Sunday Morning!  I woke up bright and early at 5:30 this morning with every intention of taking advantage of my quiet time to go for my long run but my body didn’t cooperate.  SO sluggish this morning.  I realized I was freezing cold so I huddled over the heater for a while and even tried to drift to sleep and finally, many yawns later, decided I wouldn’t push myself.  I will go this evening when my body seems to like it more.  I am probably still recovering.

Two days ago I went for a run with a friend and broke the cardinal rule.  “To thine own self be true”.  I know my body, I know what it loves and what it can’t tolerate and this time I thought I could make it work.  I have such wicked little weed allergies that I don’t run on trails, even if their paved.   I figured we could do a quick out and back.

Oh…the weeds and allergens.  They ate me up.  I wheezed.  I coughed.  My nose itched and my eyes watered.  This is ON my allergy pill.  *sigh*.  My darling son had spent the week telling her how awesome I am and telling her how she is going to have to work to keep up with me.  Uh…yeah….no.

Girl is fast.  She ran a Diva Dash in 25: and change.  There are 10 obstacles in that sucker.  That means she finished 3 miles AND did the 10 obstacles in 25 minutes.

Please.  I’d be in the middle of my third mile still.  Whatever.  But thanks Montana.  You are kind Son.  I could definitely out endure her for sure though.

I came home and went to bed. It was 6:30pm.  I slept and drugged and showered and slept and drugged some more.  I felt horrible.  My run yesterday was much better on pavement but super heavy sluggish legs to continue that into  this morning. And I’m sure a little Hypothyroidism in for the win.

I have been craving protein like nobody’s business.  Steak.  Give me meat. Chicken.  Anything.  Eggs.   I feel hungry for it all the time so I’m trying to add that into every meal.   Last nights meal was sweet potatoes (they spent the whole day baking in the crock pot…I could die they were so good) and steak.

Meanwhile have a GREAT day and love to all the mom’s whether they have human or fur children.

I have to go blow my nose now.