So many days…so little time

I had no idea it had been three days since I posted.  Time is flying too fast.

I had to wait for Shaughnessy to give me her opinion on the skirt. She liked it.  Said it wasn’t too short and I wouldn’t scare the boys away.

Now I just have to hope I don’t have any issues with it while I’m running.  Finding something comfortable to run in can be a real pain in the ~body part that skirt barely covers~.  😉

I haven’t run properly in DAYS.  No time no time.  No motivation!

Mostly no time.

I’m all ready to run today.  I’m READY TO RUN.


The following has nothing to do with running.

I was working today at my job in High Finance and  I brought up a client in our common discussion that calls every day, multiple times a day.  He’s an elderly man and he’s always very polite.  He’s on social security and lives with his daughter.  On a strict budget, he will order pizza and eat the leftovers for days.    He always calls to make sure he has enough for a medium pizza and a tip.  Everyone is so sick of him calling but he doesn’t bother me.  He’s just a sweet old man.  It isn’t anything to answer his questions.  In all fairness, I’ve only been answering his question since Oct.  They have been answering for three years.

Yesterday he called to say he realized his rent wouldn’t clear (very odd!  He is really careful) so his daughter would be depositing $20.  I came across his account and realized she never did deposit the money.  If he comes  today and deposits the mere $14 before the end of today he’ll be okay, otherwise he’ll get hit with a fee he can’t afford.  I mentioned it to my co workers of the day.  One is 25 years old and the other is 22 years old.  I don’t know if that matters but I mention it for later reference.  I am told in no uncertain terms it is not their job to do anything about it.  I am welcome to courtesy call him if I want to but they are busy people (um, no) and they do not have time to call each and every person and tell them about their accounts being in the negative before they actually are (technically the check is still “pending” and will land in the account tomorrow).

I was really shocked.  They repeatedly told me I was being too nice but I just saw my courtesy phone call as appropriate customer service that I would expect and hope for from my own bank and certainly for my family.

Bummed me out.  So here’s my question…

Really, am I being too nice? Am I asking too much from my bank?  Or is it the age of entitlement?  I heard, “I don’t get paid enough to do that” and “I have way too many things to do as it is, I don’t have time to individually go through people’s accounts” etc etc., and my favorite, “you’re too nice”.

That one kind of bothered me.

I  want to be the person who says I demand better customer service.


I miss Michelle.  She’s sick and so are all her boys.  All two of them.

And she’s busy coaching soccer.



2 Replies to “So many days…so little time”

  1. You are nice….take that as a compliment! It is good customer service….unfortunately, it’s just not the way things are done, so people don’t feel it necessary. I want to put the fourteen dollars in the account for him! Is that legal? Or at the very least, order him a medium pizza! Heck….lets get crazy and send him a large!

  2. I would totally take it as a compliment if I didn’t hear time and again that people don’t have time for that. They are too busy for that. They don’t trust “nice”, etc. Somehow, I always end up feeling a bit naive. Like I’m doing life the wrong way. I’m not ambitious enough, harsh enough and certainly too trusting. I can’t tell you how many people have said they don’t trust people that are too nice.

    After multiple phone calls from him this morning, he made it in and put enough money in his account to cover everything. He borrowed it from a neighbor. 🙁 I’ve never met him before and he cracked me up. I liked him instantly.

    My little bank is so small I could not put money in his account, they would know. But I could probably order him a pizza if I jack his address. And I may do that. He is out of funds for a few weeks now. I’m assuming his daughter will have to pony up. We’ve never seen him out at this early stage of the month before so it’s new territory. And no, I’m not taking care of everyone. But this one…I like him.

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