Colfax done. And how.

Warning…there’s a bit of TMI in this post.

So…Colfax.  Wow.

The course was pretty awesome and we ran it pretty strong.  We had a few glitches.  Namely me.

I woke up this morning with a pretty strong 12 for a migraine.  Dead on.  I wanted to freakin’ die.  It hurt so bad.  I couldn’t move.  But I knew Michelle was there and she was running with what seriously sounded like Bronchitis and she hadn’t run more than ten miles in a month and that’s really her best run as her kids have been sick and so has she.  So I dragged my whining ass out of bed and drugged up.

I don’t like to run on drugs. It makes me sluggish.  But again, I thought I might die otherwise. Or curl up in the fetal position and cry.  That totally might really happen.

So I got dressed and headed out the door ready with the bare minimum of accessories because my brain just didn’t work this morning.  Like…seriously.  Nothing worked.

I couldn’t even park the car.  The logistics were too hard so I kept going until I saw a good spot and just stopped.  Sounds good.

Met Michelle, we line up in the corral and as they are calling us forward to start I feel that my preparations for running are suddenly not working as well as they are supposed to and I am seriously on the verge of a female emergency.  No joke.  I’m freaking in the corral starting.  I still have 13 miles to go.  I don’t even know what to do.  I just stand there.  Kind of frozen.  Maybe if I deny it, it will stop happening. Yeah.  That’s what I’ll do.

That worked GREAT.

By mile 2 I wanted to call Sean to come get me.

I kept going and finally at mile 6 I caved to the line of restrooms (which had LINES of people) and had to go in and try fix things. 


What a nightmare.  What an uncomfortable, painful nightmare.

The whole time my head is screaming at me and poor Michelle is rocking this race and barely coughing and still she stopped to wait for me.

We start running again and she reassures me I can have her jacket to wrap around my waist if I need it. 

It’s white.

It IS rather thick..nevertheless.  *please don’t let me need it*

I make it a little further and HAVE to stop again at mile 11.  I had reached pretty much Defcon 1.  Really.  At ANY moment I would have ditched the whole thing.  Here’s what kept me going.  Michelle. It was 99% Michelle.  And I DNF’d  marathon once when I was really injured and have regretted it ever since though I would do it the same if I had to do it again.  So…I kept going. 

Then Michelle started to crash.  She hurt pretty bad.  Probably from stopping for ME!  

We ran in and realized we really ran a pretty strong race besides my emergencies and my head and her crashing.  What a bummer.  This was a rough rough race. 

Great course, wish I could have truly enjoyed it.  I’ll do a race review later.  I’ll be completely unbiased I swear.  🙂




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