Running with the gazelle.

Michelle texted me that the photos from Colfax were up and why did I look like a “real” runner and she looked like some goofball who just jumped in the pics.

I was at work and couldn’t find the photos.  Or they weren’t “allowed”.


So I waited.

And I waited.

And I came home and hopped on and guess what???!!!!

She looks adorable!!

And I look short and chubby…a real runner…running…short and chubby.


She looks like a sleek gazelle.  Running.


Seriously.  This is how she looks with bronchitis?

I kind of hate her.


Good thing I love her.

And for your entertainment…


Run on.  ~T


2 Replies to “Running with the gazelle.”

  1. For the record, I had just finished giving someone a “high five”….I don’t really run with my arms like that. I probably run even goofier.

  2. Too funny about the high five! I remember that! I figured you were just turning a corner or something! It just looks so smooth and graceful~ And don’t worry, you run very normal.

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