I’ve become a quitter

Here is why:




It is my amazing Mothers Day gift. I wanted one all winter long as I fought through cold and icy runs.  I wanted one when my kids were sick and leaving the house for a quick run didn’t seem possible. I wanted one when my husband was gone crazy hours. I wanted one as I thought of the long, hot summer days. And now I have one.

I have yet to run more than three miles on this contraption. I quit every time. Running on it bores me like nothing else. It’s far too easy to hear a squeal out of my kids and think, “I should quit now and see what’s happening”. It’s far too easy to quit when all I have to do is press a button, instead of running a couple miles back home. The treadmill is, in fact, a bust so far.

I’m going to try to love it. My husband would really like me to. I would really like to. My seasonal allergies would prefer I run inside these days. And the thought of possible marathon training all but insures that I will need to, at some point, learn to love the darn thing.


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  1. I totally didn’t see this. See where my head is this week? Man it’s been a week. There is an art to learning to love the treadmill. Everyone has to find their “niche”.

    One of the bloggers I read watches television shows she hasn’t seen before, whole series, you know? on Netfix on her Ipad. Netflix is only like…$8 a month and well worth it. Seriously….well worth it.

    I read on mine. I use my Nook but on your Ipad, the book would be super easy to read. The font would be large enough you shouldn’t have any trouble.

    Do the kids nap? Run while they nap. If they get up early…get up earlier. Otherwise, do it when they go to bed. It’s tough when they are up already and yes, you have to parent. I can’t run when mine are up. It’s far too distracting. Sometimes you have to find that “me” time and give it to yourself. Hungryrunnergirl has a blog and she runs with an infant. It’s new for her and juggling that while her husband is in law school is an interesting read.

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