There is nothing like this race.

Every year my I complain about the price (gasp) and every year I’m so grateful I haven’t chosen to ditch it. It’s a tradition and so worth it just for the experience.

We ran with the Teletubbies for most of the way. They were hilarious. They stopped at every stop no matter what delicacy was being served. Beer, shots, bacon, cotton candy. Yuck.  I can’t tell you how disgusting and yet, they were partaking.  More power to the college kids.

I say this though I never would have done that even when I WAS a college kid.

I was so a grown up.

We ended up having lunch with friends and skipping out on the festivities at the stadium this year.  We love these friends from out of town and I was SO excited to see them but very sad to miss the elites running and the Memorial Day excitement that really makes the whole BB experience worth it.  I’m not sure what we’ll do next year but I think we’ll start planning now.  I want my cake and I want to eat it, too.

On a sad note:

I think Skittles are giving me migraines.  I’ve decided to go off of them.  I’m pretty sad.  And missing the rainbow already.

Fortunately I have Hot Tamales to help me in my hour of need.

I am supposed to be running Steamboat this weekend.

I’ve decided not to.  I just have a funny feeling about it and don’t really want to do it.  Maybe leftovers of last year?  I can’t explain it but I know I put off registering until practically the last minute so…yeah.  Something is shouting at me.  I must pay attention to my gut.  I did find two virtual races that look cool so I know I have great options out there to make it up.

I’m a member of the Marathon Maniacs.

I had an unpleasant experience with the FB group of the same name.  I have taken my own advice and eliminated this toxic relationship from my life.

I left the group.  I was only in it for the MM.  I checked that off my list and I was good.  Still get the status.  Don’t need the drama.