Sweet List <3

1.  Internet.

When it’s working.  Which I imagine will be later today when Sean wakes up because he worked until like…1 in the morning…so…no rush.

a. adendum to 1.  when there is no internet…I want to scream.  I don’t get frustrated in traffic.  But I can’t stand it when the internet doesn’t work.  And apparently my smart phone isn’t smart in my own house.  Awesome.

throwing a fitsource

2.  Ran a race with friends…

Underwearness 5k for charity.  We did not run it in our underwear only.  We wore clothing, too.  But we had some fun for sure.

3.  Then we went to the zoo where we saw…


Nothing this cute.  Mostly empty pens because they were all sleeping.  But it was still nice.

4.  5k PR at 29:22. 

I really think I’ve run that before but I’m calling it a PR because I can’t remember any times as I have never kept track…giant fail…


5.  This was a rough week at work but…

YESTERDAY a very lovely Korean woman who speaks a little English and a lot of Korean told me (Ben was gone to lunch) in a whisper that “Is slow” with a nod to Ben’s teller window.  In other words…I’m faster than Ben!  Ha!  She likes me better!  Yes Ladies and Gentlemen…my first compliment at work.  I’ve been there seven months.  Made my day.

6.  I drank some Naked juice this morning and…

it’s seriously dark green.  But it was seriously delicious!  Score one for me.  I’ve been missing yummy things to drink since the big “migraine dump of fabulous foods of 2013”.  Such a loss.

7.  Bolder Boulder on Monday and it was AWESOME. 

Yeah…you already heard that story.  Still was sweet.

8.  Alex Michael is now in the United States. 

And making trouble.  We are thrilled.

9.  Sugar cookies.

I ate an entire package.

Cookie Monster eating cookies

Montana helped a lot.  They were delicious.

10.  I got to vacuum. 

Somewhat.  I’ll finish today but yes…I got to vacuum.  It’s been tormenting me and it’s my first thought of every day and my last of every night.  I never have time.  I finally got to vacuum.  Of course, it helps that the dog got sick on every level of the house and we ended up having to shampoo every thing. (Sean rocks…he did it all before work yesterday…)

11.  Shaughnessy and Eliot

are coming to hang with us today.  🙂

12.  I got to hang with Dawn

from RW this week.  She came to town to run the BB and we had a great visit over smoothies.  She’s adorable.  I had a screaming headache (I know…you’re shocked) but I survived though I’m certain she wondered if she would.  It was SO fun to visit with her.

13.  I bought a bottle of Naked juice

(refer to #6!) and MT likes it!  Shock of the world!

Aladdin Genie agape jaw drop source