Treadmill Boredom Blues

Running the dreaded treadmill

                 Or should I say the dreadmill

Keeping interested when you’re on the treadmill can be incredibly challenging as anyone who has ever tried to run an LSD on one will tell you.  Anything over, say…three miles and you’re ready to unplug for life.

Give me the great outdoors, thankyouverymuch.

But there are ways to keep yourself entertained and to keep from dying of boredom.  Sometimes it requires stretching your boundaries.  It’s really just a matter of how important is it to you?

1.  If you know you have to run at least once this week on the treadmill, maybe one of them can be  your speed workout.  They are so much easier to do on a machine anyway.  You can measure your times and distances and it keeps the treadmill interesting. You are always looking for the next minute.  The next push.

2.  If your treadmill is programmable you can choose one that will adjust your inclines and speeds as you go keeping you constantly having to push yourself.  If you keep the treadmill at the same pace and the same incline it’s easy to get lost in boredom land.  It’s good for your muscles, too.  Keeps them from being bored.

3.  Watch your favorite programs on your Ipad.  Netflix is a great resource for movies, television shows, documentaries.  At $7.99 a month it is worth the money even if you have cable.  We use ours all the time.  It pays for itself pretty quickly.

4.  Using your iPOD or mp3 you can make  a play list running slow to fast and then slow again for a cool down.  itunes has some that are already put together for you if you want to choose one of theirs.

5.  Listening to podcasts or an audiobook is a great way to pass the time.  They can be pricey but if you search you can find reasonably priced books about the same cost as a print book.

6.  Swaggering on the treadmill fully pimped out would appear to spice things up.  You cannot tell me you would be bored doing this.

Treadmill Pimp Walk source

7.  I read on my treadmill.  I have a Nook and I can make the font a little bigger which makes it easier to follow.  I get just as lost in a good book as if I wasn’t on the treadmill.    Not everyone can do it but it works for me.  I’ve also found magazines are good to pass the time.  Easy to read things are best.  If it’s too deep, I find I focus on the misery of the machine too much.

8. has a few great ideas for keeping the boredom off and this was really kind of cool.  They suggest keeping a map of the country with stickpins next to your treadmill so you can “run across America”.

The Run Across America
How about a nice cross country run. You could run from California to Maine or maybe Washington to Florida. No – I’m not nuts. You don’t need to take 6 months off from work and you won’t have to brave the roads or the elements. You can do it from the comfort of your home treadmill. All you need are maps and some stick pins. You can start small by running to the next town or the next neighborhood. Just pick a destination on your map, figure out the distance and start running. Keep track of your mileage during each workout and place a stick pin on the map to keep track of where you are. This is a fun and engaging activity that can keep you motivated and excited about your daily workout. You can set short daily goals of running from one neighborhood to another and long term goals of moving from state to state or across the U.S. source

9.  I’m pretty sure my kid actually tried this when I wasn’t home but I don’t want to know.  And I sure as hell don’t advise it.  Looks like a kickass workout though.  Sort of??

Bicycle on a Treadmill Fail  source

10.  And finally, my most interesting ~but I swear I’ve done it and I love it~ workout is to walk backwards on the treadmill.  Yep, I know.  Sounds crazy and dangerous.  I advise starting slow and testing it for your coordination but once you get the hang of it, it’s so great for your muscles!  Especially to mix it up.  Run a little, then turn around and walk backwards, run a little, turn around.  My legs love it.  Last year when I did Steamboat and I thought I might die…I flipped around at one point and ran backwards.  It saved me.  My legs were killing me.  Several people that were around me did the same thing and I heard multiple groans of relief.  It really feels so good.  Use different muscles.  Your legs like it.