Yep.  It really is. No lie this time.  No fooling.  So…you should run.

  • Yesterday I had like the MOST PERFECT DAY AT WORK EVER!!  Yay me…F-Yeah source

As you may recall, I’ve been having a few issues with my co worker about customer service and and the lack thereof.  I had a customer who brought me a detailed register and all her receipts and she was stumped that her balance was off from what ours was.  It never occurred to me to not help her sort this out.    I spent all week trying to download statements to help her (computer issues).  Today…I got the statements and after spending a few hours…I FOUND HER PROBLEM!  And one of my supervisors (who couldn’t find her problem) was totally fabulous about it.  I was beyond excited, I cannot tell you.  She said, “that kicks ASS”.  It was a hard problem to find and I was SO proud of myself.  All of it was done in front of my co worker…who remained silent… LOL

  • I came home from work to help myself to cake.  It was sweet…so I took a HUGE swig of milk only to discover it was WARM and BAD!!  MONTANA!!  HOW LONG WAS THE MILK OUT??    I’ve never had bad milk before, I can officially check that off my bucket list.  How do you get THAT taste out… *shudder*
  • I finally found time to shampoo the carpet in the spare room.  At 11pm.  Done.  *whew*  The list gets shorter… every day…impressedsource
  • I took MT to Kohls for swim trunks.  He’s went straight to Nike ~on sale they were $35.99~ swim trunks.  I told him…”Alex would pick the $24.99 Sonoma trunks.  Shaughnessy to the clearance rack.  You…are my expensive child.  I am so putting this on the blog.”  He went to the Sonoma brand.  LOL …I guilted him. OLD LOL source
  • Now run.  it’s NATIONAL RUNNING DAY>  You don’t want to miss it.source


  1. Man…I am usually SO careful to make sure the milk is SERIOUSLY cold. I think I’m off milk for awhile. That was painful.

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