Vocabulary Madness~

You know those words  that people make up and they become popular everywhere but they are horrible and they drive everyone insane?  I think it’s time we stand up and revolt.  If you find yourself using any of the following words…stop the madness.


nom nom ~ a particularly irritating one for me…

nosh.  Yeah. Not fond of nosh.

boo.  I kind of feel like a six year old when I read this.


It is what it is.  ~nope.  Don’t love that.  (I’ll note here,  that is a phrase and not a word.  But it still annoys me to no end)

Words that get abbreviated for no good reason and we are left with the shortened tween version.  It’s like fingernails on a chalkboard to hear them.

the hubs  Really??  the hubs??

No.  Just…no. Grumpy cat agrees…no.



totes  (really??  really??)




I think you get where I’m going with that grouping.

vajayjay  (what is that?)

cray (alt: cray-cray)  This one gets me.  Really gets me.




Let’s move on Folks.  Use actual words instead of these…~I’m pretending to be a word but instead I’m a cute facsimile thereof.~

Thank you for letting me vent that out.




2 Replies to “Vocabulary Madness~”

  1. I had better vocabulary before I started texting/using an Ipad. I’m lazy. When I write or type on a real keyboard I don’t take the shortcuts I do on the phone or iPad. Nite, rite, lite…..I’m so bad about that stuff. I did learn to spell, I just got lazy along the way. I should prolly stop, but it is what it is. 🙂

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever busted you using the words on the list. And those are the worst offenders. Everything else is just shortcuts. Those are supposed to be “cute” and I can’t stand that. It reminds me of Archivers “supercute” thing. ::shudder::
    I absolve you.
    See? You don’t need church. 😉

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