Blog Love

It was once suggested I make a list of the blogs I read…

Perhaps this was because I’m usually up late.  I read a lot.  It’s a diverse list.

I read a lot of blogs and I skip around a lot depending on what I’m in the mood for.  Sometimes it’s running, sometimes it’s fashion, sometimes (rarely) it’s cooking/healthy eating.  Those are the MOST boring blogs.  Ugh.  But I’m always scoping out the good ones.

Here are the criteria for what makes a good blog:

1.  Fresh new content.  By fresh and new….I prefer daily new updates.  If you update once a week or less…you’ve lost me unless your content is captivating.

2.  A really interesting story.  Your daily workout, with your breakfast and your lunch…mostly boring.  You’ve lost me.  There MUST be something in there that will keep me coming back.  Because I really don’t care what anyone is eating.

3.  An easy to navigate website.  If I get 404’d, I don’t care how “cute” your message is.  I have no patience for that.  Keep your pages fresh and up to date.  Your tabs fresh and current.  If you take things off….update the pages.

4.  Keep the website clean.  If it’s too busy…I’m out.  Too much going on and I lose interest and focus.  Keep it simple.

5.  My preference is if the content is somewhat clean.  I’m not asking for anyone to censor themselves. But think about whether you would want your mother or your grandmother to read the content.  I can only handle so many curse words.  Too much cursing and I lose the point of the content.  That being said, several of the bloggers I read have mouths like sailors.  Yish.

The following is a short list of SOME of the blogs that fall into my “regular” list:



A darling blog about a runner  who has to be the nicest person in the world.  She’s married, her husband is in law school and she’s juggling being mom to seriously…the cutest baby girl in the world…and finding the time to run.  This chick is seriously fast.  She posts great articles, has fascinating interviews, talks about how she fits in her workouts and what they are, posts her playlists.  It’s just a really great resource for fun and a breath of fresh air in a cynical world.  She updates twice a day.  🙂


Capture 12

This blogger is Monica.  She lives in Southern California and is a great little runner that is constantly pushing herself.  I like her because she treats herself, she runs a lot but also struggles and she makes human mistakes.  She is friends with  skinnyrunner who I read a little less often but she is a strong ass runner for sure.  Monica updates at least once a day, sometimes twice.  Skinnyrunner will sometimes go four or five days.  *yawn*

Humans of New York

capture 13

If you just want to be happy…this is a great blog.  I never ever tire of this.  They have a book coming out and I can’t wait for it.  So amazing.  I was so late to the HoNY party.  I feel left behind.  Check it out.  HoNY updates constantly.



She is hilarious.  Cely is a “fitness” blogger.  Only not really.  She’s just hilarious.   Give her a shot.  She’ll make you laugh.  She updates once a day but her comments are just as entertaining and they are all day long.  So funny.




This is Jordan Reid.  She does a little of everything but no exercise.  Mostly fashion with a little home decor and so on thrown in but she’s charming and adorable and I love to read her blog.  She has a great story.  She updates once a day at least.

One Twenty Five


This is Liz. She’s one of my favorite blogs.  She’s the blogger who climbed to base camp at Mt Everest.  I love reading her. She’s brave and wild and crazy.  I’m living vicariously through her and she’s like…25.  At one point I thought it was a quirk and then she gave background on her mom.  Her mom was the exact same way.  #shamed

I want to do these crazy ass things but I have these other crazy ass things called responsibilities. Dammit.  So…I live through her.  She has awesome Paleo recipes like this one


that I live on (add your own toppings of course).   Eliot LOVES it.  So delicious.  Check her out.  She’s awesome.  It’s possible I  said that about every blogger above but I really like Liz.  She’s a great read.

These are a sampling.  I have news, workout, food, entertainment and parenting blogs.  Blogs by guys.  Inappropriate blogs.    Depending on my mood and how much time I’m trying to kill.  Always on the search for more.  Tips are recommended.  😉