Sweet List <3

Good Morning!  It’s a beautiful morning.

1.  Alex Michael is home.  He made it safely…though it was of course, an adventure. Thanks to Joe for givin’ him a ride.  You’d think he was a Navy man (you know…cause the Navy guys always give the Marines a ride…okay it was bad whatever) but no.  He’s a Marine, too!  😉 We were missing Shaughnessy for SURE tonight but Sir Eliot was home sick and sleeping  his little self better.  007

2.  After my beautiful flowers from my sweet husband for my anniversary didn’t last as long as we’d like..the florist apologetically sent an amazing little bouquet for an apology.  Excellent customer service, Simple Elegance.

3.  My house is SO CLEAN.  I love that.  I can breathe.  Like…breathe.  I mean, I have a million things to do but I can breathe a little.

4.  I bought a couch!~  Thanks Reggie!~ Technically…I still owe her money.  (Sorry Reggie!)  ***update***never let your kid work on his motorcycle in the same garage as the new beige couch.  Anyone know a good grease stain remover?
***update to my update***I got the spots out.  Of which there were many.  Rotten kid. 😉

5.  I’m working on an injury.  Why is this on my sweet list?  Because I think I’ve caught it in time and I haven’t lost myself completely to it.  I haven’t had time to do my yoga but I’m foam rolling or stretching a little each day and it’s not as sore.  For sure I’m taking extra care with my rest this week.  It’s feeling better.

6.  My yard is looking fairly green. It won’t last…we’re having days and days of 90*+ but right now…we’re hanging in there.

7.  My dog had a little prairie dog cornered in our yard today.  What was it doing there?  Poor tiny.  We rescued him and he got away.  He lived to kiss his family another day.  *whew* source

8.  We got a new policeman today, he was just a temporary fill in.  But he was so sweet! Bonus points for police officers who know how to laugh.

9.  Happy National Donut Day.  I had donuts yesterday and then the bank sent someone out to buy donuts again today.  Serious happiness there.

10.  I received a special gift in the mail today.   004

This belongs to a family member and I’ve always loved it.  It’s my birthday week and I guess she thought it was time to pass it on to me.  Not gonna lie.  I’m pretty excited about it.  I love pitchers and this one is just gorgeous.

11.  Did I mention…it’s my birthday week?

12.  The boys (Sean and MT) worked their butts off to rearrange the family room to make it more conducive to “family”.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate their hard work after a long long day.  My head has been unfriendly all day.  Bad timing or perfect timing?  LOL  Bad timing.  Sorry Guys.  So here I sit, wearing my beloved sweatshirt and typing my heart out.

13.  I bought sugar cookies.  And yes…I’ve eaten most of the package.  Geez I love cookies.  I’m a little ill now.  ha.