Summer days.

Short post today…just some chatter

  • Evening breezes of Colorado brought the best night to us.
  • We ate dinner out on the deck and it was cool and beautiful and brilliant.
  • My leg is still sore.  Makes me nervous but I know I can’t do anything more than what I’m doing so I’m powering through and hoping for the best.
  • In Hypothyroid news…it was super warm today and as I sat in the office having a discussion with my husband and son I apparently decided to check out.  I went down this road before last fall and passing out really is not as serious as it sounds.  Just a tweak of the medication.  It’s not a very good time though.  I get so nauseous.  I see my doctor next week and she’ll adjust accordingly.  But I’m certain the heat and the meds worked against me today.
  • I skipped all workouts today to include stretching.  I just didn’t take the time.  I know it’s crucial so I feel really dumb but tomorrow I will definitely work out.  I may do the elliptical at the gym and my yoga stretches.  Tonight I’ll have to settle for my super sexy smelling Flexigility Balm.  I know Sean loves to sleep with me after I use that stuff… 😉