The good, the bad and the ugly.

Not necessarily in that order. 

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966) Poster  source

I love Clint so much.

I digress.

The week has kinda been a little difficult.  Work has been…shall we say stressful.

The unexpected death of a previous co worker/acquaintance was really devastating and incredibly heartbreaking.  I’m still processing that one.

And then my birthday.  That’s the bright spot.  Totally great day.  My kids came over.  Sir Eliot was here for entertainment purposes.  Sean outdid himself in fabulousness.  But that’s his usual way these days.

No running.  That is the downside.  I need to be but my leg does in fact still hurt.   And in the last two days I’ve done nothing for it.  I’m going to take care of it today though.  Run for sure, and stretch and ice for sure.  Sean got me a massage for my birthday and though I’m not usually a massage person…sports massage that baby healthy please!! He read my mind.  I was toying with going to a sports massage therapist so I could help the situation.  What  a perfect gift.

I never get to talk to Miss Michelle anymore.  She’s busy busy busy.  I feel so out of the loop but I know she’s telling me what’s going on I just can’t keep up.  Ridiculous how my brain doesn’t work.

I will update later with running info.  Let’s see if I follow through.  It’s hot hot hot and smokey from Colorado burning.

Prayers to put these fires out.  It’s breaking my heart all these homes and devastation.