Let me tell you a story.

When I was in high school I would ride the bus…occasionally…from just outside the city limits to one of the only two high schools in town.  My mom still reminds me that I mostly caught a ride in with my dad and rarely rode the bus.

I couldn’t stand the bus.

But I wasn’t too good for it, I was just afraid of it.

After all the years of bullying in middle school and no real friends…I was a target for sure.  The bus? Please.

I digress.

Riding the bus was a place to sit and daydream like teenage girls are prone to do.

Here’s where you may stop believing me. ~ I remember sitting on the bus one day,  riding to school and thinking how it would be so cool to marry someone who was in the Air Force.  And I loved the name Sean.  I always loved the name Sean because it was clearly the cooler version of Shawn.  And I knew how to pronounce it, for heavens sake.

Fast forward to meeting Dana’s boyfriend.  Dana was a friend from school.  I had like…three.  We’re at her house and she tells me her new boyfriend, Craig, has a brother.  And OMG he’s so cute. Just WAIT until you see his picture.

She WHIPS out his senior photo and … wow.

He’s pretty cute.

~I looked  in my computer files and cannot find a single photo of him. I’ll scan it in at a later date. It’s worth it.~

I said, “he can eat crackers in my bed anytime”.  LOL  I felt very grown up saying those words.  But man was he cute.

She said his name was Sean.  I almost fainted.

A few days later I was at her house and he came in as I was leaving. We were introduced and as we shook hands I said, “you have the most beautiful brown eyes I have ever seen”.  He looked very embarrassed.  I asked~hadn’t anyone ever told him that before?  He said his grandma had.  *melt*

Here it is the next day and I find myself at Dana’s again.  Her house was in town and mine was so not.  She was far more convenient to everything central. I was on the floor reading the paper (this sounds really important but I think it was the comics).   He hops down on the floor next to me  and I stopped thinking completely.

We read (I didn’t really…just pretended to as there was no thought process happening after he got there) and talked and then he needed to be somewhere and …asked for someone’s car.  Mine was “new” to me and I said he could borrow it…but I came with it.

I know.  How forward of me, right?  I KNOW.

We left together and drove around.

For four hours.

I’m pretty certain I talked the whole time.  But I was SO  nervous.  I was screamin’ nervous.  He was seriously so freaking perfect.

What the hell was he doing with me?

I’m also pretty certain we were together for the next three days.

I was going to stay by his side until he woke up and smelled the “I got a better offer” coffee.

The “what the hell am I thinking” coffee.

The “good Lord she has a lot of energy” coffee.  (I’m pretty sure he’s smelled that coffee so many times by now..poor guy).
Four days after we met, he asked me to marry him.  Poor fool.  Probably didn’t see a way out of it once he jumped in that river.

First time we kissed I was lying on the couch in his livingroom.  It was a little second floor apartment with no air conditioning and it was hot hot hot.  He came up behind me and kissed me and every time I tell anyone that they always say I got a “Spiderman” kiss.  Yes, yes I did.  It was very good.


Okay…in all fairness…he’s not a superhero.  There was no costume, no superpowers and…no sexy rain.  But it was still pretty awesome.  I mean, I did agree to marry him after four days.  It must have been good.

Then he joined the Air Force.  I always felt like I knew him…before I knew him.  I loved him…I loved the thought of him.  I loved the idea of him.  And then he was there.

I know it sounds crazy.  And no it hasn’t always been a fairy tale.  It’s been 27 years of pretty awesome though,  I have to say.   I’m a huge pain in the ass to live with.  I DO have a lot of energy and that’s incredibly irritating for people.  I have little to no patience though I have way more than I used to.  I have big dreams and not always a lot of realistic sense so I do tend to jump in to things and pray my way through them.  I NEED the dishwasher loaded like NOW.  I go crazy when the bedroom is a mess and I don’t have time to clean it.  I cry when I have too much going on and the teenagers are being teenagers.  I am definitely a lot to handle.  I’m certain he has gone over in his mind that moment he looked at me and decided to ask me to spend my life with him (and we thought I was the impulse shopper in this relationship) and wondered what he was thinking.

I couldn’t be luckier.  That’s what I was thinking.

Oh, and thank you Lord.