Silence is golden.

Alex Michael has returned to his home in California.

Shaughnessy and her family are grateful to not be called to dinner every night, though they love Alexander and the family…it’s exhausting to be here until midnight all the time.   Poor Sir Eliot wants his own bed.

I have finally been able to enjoy the run.

Don’t get excited.  It’s not like I went for a ten miler or anything.

Yesterday I barely went 3 miles.

Best 3 miles ever.

Today I coughed and trudged and sputtered out a slow 4 miles.  woo hoo!

I was still running and therefore happy.

It was 75* and felt like 90*.  Man it was hot.

Three days until the Slacker.  I am so ready to get out of town.  Relax.  Have zero responsibilities. Wish it was for a week.