Sweet List!

It’s Saturday and that means it’s time for a sweet list!

1.  Slacker Half Marathon…but that’s news for my next post!

2.  Summertime skirts and pretty strappy shoes.  These are cute.  Solongo would say they are boring and not sexy.  I’m okay with that.  I think they’re cute.

3.  Izze esque Sparkling Black Raspberry juice.  Delicious.  50 calories.  Carbonated.  Perfect.

4.  Cool evenings  to save us from the crazy heat of the hot days of summer.  Or is it the dog days of summer?

5.  Mexican food!!  We’re going out tonight.  So fun. I’ve been craving it for at least two hours.  No joke.  At least.  😉

6.  These darling shorts from Kohls Jennifer Lopez line.  I bought the white pair and the chambray pair (what the hell…I have my Christmas bonus*) and they are SO comfortable.   I’m already wearing them to death.  I hope I don’t ruin them in the wash.  That dumb tie waist had to go in lieu of a real belt, I can never do tie belts but otherwise, very cute with strappy shoes.

7.  Having a free minute to stop and smell the…wait.  I haven’t smelled anything but man, it’s a HUGE relief to be able to update my email and the blog.  HUGE.

8.  I haven’t read a blog or a facebook post with any regularity in probably three weeks.  What the hell?

8.  This is a do-over because the sweet list does not allow negative statements on it’s post.  So #8 is actually about…my Swap box!!  I did a swap that This Girl talked me into and it was SO fun.  Miss Trish swapped me for $20 worth of interesting things.  I told her what I like, to include my colors, my reading habits, my love of the #13 and on a particularly rough day I asked her for a superpower please.  If she could give me the power to blow things up that would be great.  I got in the mail the most awesome box with 13 ITEMS!  All of them fabulous and one of them was a bag of balloons…so I could practice blowing things up.  She is hilarious and I love her.

9.  I saw my doctor and she totally got a clue and changed my meds drastically.  I am apparently hopelessly ill (that is a bit sarcastic…but only a bit) and she doubled my meds so I take a booster in the middle of the day.  With any luck this helps immensely.  We’ll see.  I’m pretty encouraged!  And she seriously has cute shoes.  I think she was wearing the same shoes the last time I saw her.  I kind of wish she would change them. It’s distracting.

10.  MT has been sick all week but it seems he is better today so ::snoopy dance::

11.  I’m typing this from my deck where I’m sitting at my table under my umbrella just enjoying the evening.  Loving the quiet time.  Loving it.

12.  My co worker in crime seemed SO much more cheerful this week.  Made the week fly by.

13.  Miss Reggie from Thailand Bound  just started her blog and eventually will actually start writing it.  I’m excited to see where it goes.  She is headed over to live in Thailand for a year.  I am envious and excited for her.  Plus, Ya’ll know I love new blogs to read.



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