Sometimes it’s not about running.

It’s about getting your head straight.  Centering yourself.

I’ve been a bit absent lately.  Sporadic on posting and just trying to catch up.  Busy with family while Alex Michael was in town, busy with work while we have massive upgrades (and it’s only getting worse.  I’ve heard August is going to be horrible)  and feeling really tired and physically exhausted from hypothyroidism taking over me.

I’ve let a lot of things go and I keep opening my mouth and finding my foot in it.  This has been a rough week.  I’m ready for a new start.

Little Buddhavia

I’m workin’ on it Little Buddha.
Things feel like they are spiritually out of whack, the planets aren’t aligned, I need to go to a good hot yoga class or have a few days off by myself to regroup.

Whatever I need to bring my “center” back.

As I walk my right hip is “clicking” from my Slacker half marathon on Saturday.  I know it’s my IT band or whatever has been bothering me and it doesn’t hurt, it just feels like I need someone to stand at my feet, someone to stand at my head and I need to be stretched.

Yoga.  I definitely need yoga.  Maybe for the meditation value rather  than the stretching?


When I run I am usually out for my workout of the day.  The bonus is that I get my center from it.  It keeps me grounded and helps me cope with the hard things.

I get sad and if you ask Sean, I cry.  I cry and start to ask, “how am I going to run half marathons on one run every 14 days??”  And  “people don’t train on one run a month!” as the tears flow.

I could go to the gym and do the elliptical.

addicted to fitnessvia

I could work out to a DVD.

There are a lot of options but really…when I run my mind just goes to it’s own place.  Its quiet place where I only have to worry about the run.  The book I’m listening to, the podcast I’m hearing or the music that’s helping my feet with  their forward motion, I push everything else out.  Maybe it’s a great run and maybe it’s a hard run but that’s the only thing I’m caring about. 

Somehow, those footfalls help my mind think better.  Like tumblers in a lock, the tumblers slide into place and I am able to make clear thoughts.

How Keys Work Explained In One Perfect Animated GIFvia

How centered are you?

How easy is it to get knocked off your center?

How do you find your way back?