Name Change

I’m thinking a name change is in order. 

I don’t know why…I’m just feeling it.  I’m not sure to what yet but I’ll run it past Michelle who probably won’t care.  She’s pretty low maintenance.  Something longer term and not so restricting so we can just talk about anything and everything but also running running running.

I went to bed VERY late last night but still popped up at 6am and did my yoga.  It felt really good to stretch it out so I grabbed my puppy…

malachi new2(This is the oldest photo ever of my puppy…he is now seven years old.  Shows you how lazy I am tonight.  I wouldn’t even dig for a current photo of him.  Still…he’s pretty cute here.  Right? Right? Yeah.  I think so too.  Now he takes over the pillow)…and I ran him out!  We ran a quick two miles and called it good.  A little gospel music for the morning run (thank you Alan Jackson! , cool Colorado air and home to Reveille.  The perfect morning.  Perfect.

We had SO much fun at work.  Laughed so hard, ate too much candy. Talked and worked and laughed and just had fun.

And then…  (This is your foreshadowing)

I hopped in the car and…
it didn’t start.


I know.  That’s how I felt, too.
Insert sadness.


Not even a little “click”

Not even a pity turnover.

When I got out….

my shoe broke.

Jennifer Lawrence What!?via

Huh.  Did the universe get the wrong message?
Color me confused.  What an ending to an otherwise really delightful day.

Tomorrow…the bus.  That should be a smooth ride with no issues whatsoever.  LOL.

2 Replies to “Name Change”

  1. I am choosing to believing the busy summer is keeping you away and it is temporary. You will be back to entertain me later.

    It’s possible I live in denial.

    But I am living there anyway and I ain’t comin’ back so…


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