Life in my head

I stopped at Office Depot and when I went to pay for my extremely reasonably priced post it notes and label tape for my label maker (seriously…I might have to give up Eliot…holy smokes those suckers were expensive)  I was carefully guided through a maze to a register where there was exactly no one.  A voice in the darkness guided me to the North.

“I can help you over here Ma’am” said the young man at the copy center…

Off I wander to where they obviously have someone doing double duty.  It’s a little crowded by impulse purchase shelving but I manage to get myself over there and pay for my items.  I absent mindedly look around for somewhere to set my little red basket as I swipe my card.  There is usually a “spot” for them but this time…no.  Because he isn’t the usual checker, right?  It’s…out of order.  I feel…discombobulated.

After I pay I see someone to the right of me…completely out of line needing to pay.

So I turn around to escape and there is an employee in the line behind me and it’s the maze line…the only way out.  So I ask him…

“um…do you mind if I squeeze past you?”

Nope…he apologizes and steps aside so I can get past and escape out of this weird hell of a store that has no line and no escape.  Note to self…don’t go back to that strange office supply store that apparently has no sense of organization, right?

As I get to my car…sauntering and daydreaming, I open the passenger door and put my bag and purse in, I realize…yep…anyone catch it?…

I still have the little red basket.

Huge store, no actual customers or people except the ones beside me.  HUGE parking lot.  I feel…conspicuous.

Either they were all to busy to notice OR

The three of them are lined up at the window looking at me and wondering…
What the hell is she doing?

I very casually turned around and took it back to the front of the store and set it down by the door.  The outside of the door.  No WAY I was going back in.