Saved from the bus by love.

True love kept me from the bus.

I call it true love.

Sean gave me a ride in the Tercel (MT’s car…a $300 car we got from Shaughnessy and’s on borrowed time and frankly MT only paid $1 for it).  So thinking of my options…a quiet ride on the bus with my headphones and a book or showing up at work in the Tercel.  Hm…

Let’s not go there.  It was true love.

I have some chip in my brain that doesn’t want to allow me to process “car trouble”.   When I stress out, I get quieter and I know I get less objective (let’s trade it in right now…because that makes complete sense when the car doesn’t start.  They give you a GREAT deal).

Sean was great this morning and said it would be fine and he thought if we towed it…I started crying at this point and asked if we could just not talk about it.  Seriously, not processing well.


He gave me a ride to work and …lo and behold…the car started.  We drove it straight to the mechanic who looked THRILLED to have a car on a Friday added to his schedule last minute.  😉  E&J Auto on Boston St off of Colfax.  They rock.  Seriously.

$200 later my car runs and we live to drive another day.  We’ll stall for another few weeks before we trade it.  Thank you to the Lord for his blessings, I have Sean to ground me and money to fix my car, the Tercel as a backup and a great work family to help me out.

Malachi and I ran tonight…

On the way home we’re coming down the last stretch and it’s down the hill, at a full run and Malachi hits a stop.  I realize there is a huge dog there, no owner.  I immediately freak out…some people don’t know I am afraid of dogs.  Malachi and I have an understanding.  He and I will just be afraid of each other and respect that.  I froze and immediately broke out in full on shaking.  The dog started sniffing Malachi who took it for a minute but pretty quickly tired of it.  We tried to back off and the dog was NOT having it.  Malachi started getting more upset and I saw a truck turning onto the main street and I just walked into the street and flagged them down and yelled for help.  They were able to separate the dog from Malachi and then get a handle on the dog so he wasn’t a threat anymore.  I was pretty damn grateful.

Adrenaline got us home.  We ran sheer ass fast.  Treats were definitely in order for that boy.  Super short run but I was pretty happy it was over.  Also…my language goes to hell when I’m scared apparently.

Motivation for the weekend.