Sweet List

It’s Saturday so time for sweetness!

1.  The weather turned out to be a lovely 80* today.  SO pretty.  It was even a little overcast at one point.

2.  I got a new mop and bucket.  Sean sang the diddy from Sleeping Beauty which wouldn’t amuse anyone but myself and my daughter.  It flashed me back to the days in Germany when all we had to watch were Disney movies and not a lot of them.  “C’mon Bucket, mop, Broom!  Flora says~Clean up the room!”  Fabulous memories.  Makes me smile that he remembers that.

3.  Malachi got a new puppy bed.  It’s too fluffy.  He’s sleeping in the middle of the livingroom floor.  He’ll adjust eventually and until then, it’s just a giggle.

4.  I was brave today and followed my instincts.  I took Malachi in to get his nails clipped and the situation was totally chaotic with people (never good with Malachi) and I didn’t like the girl who would do the clipping.  I tend to just go with those situations and instead I told her I was just not comfortable with that many people and I had never seen her before so I would come back another time.  Brave!

5.  My car died, but it was fixed, too.  Yay for good honest mechanics.

6.  Praise the Lord for vehicle fixes that don’t cost $1000 and that you actually have the money for.  *snoopy dance*

7.  We ordered office supplies at work today and they came with a bucket of candies and caramels.  Hello.  Happiness in a bucket.

8.  Office Depot today…love new sticky notes.

9.  I made a new friend.  Love that.  He’s a runner and it’s just one more person to talk running with.

10.  Salsa and chips.  Because ALL the joy hasn’t been taken out of my life.

11.  I heard from Michelle!  She’s still alive AND she’s running.  It’s ridiculous we both live in Denver…she lives so close to my kid and I haven’t seen her in like…two months.  Crazy ridiculous.

12.  Shaughnessy said Eliot missed me this week and he got pouty for me, “Beeeep”.  How cute is THAT??  **Eliot calls me Beep which is Eliot speak for Babe.  Pretty awesome.
13.  My husband is very cute and makes passes at me still.  That’s nice.