Monday Morning!

Okay.  I couldn’t fool you. It’s really Monday evening.

I’m done with a long day at work and am ready for a run.

So here is my update of the day.

My doctor and I figure I need to lose about 15lbs.  I’ve known this for a long time.  I really would probably work well at 10lbs but we’ll say 15 because you know with this fun disease it’ll just bounce right back like it’s done so many times.

So I have sweet talked my favorite Reggie Girl  of Thailand Bound to do some personal training with me.  She’s gonna be MEAN and she’s gonna be a HARD ASS.

She’s really not.  She’s really nice and probably will just tell me to do this or that and it’ll all be really good.  I’m SO excited to work with her!!  I love being told what to do!!  *yeah…no.  My mother would so argue this point. But I AM a rule follower.  If I like the rule…*

AND we’re gonna run together, too!  She’s really fast so…she’s just gonna have to slow down.  Sorry Chick. I just do not run fast.  I’ll try and speed it up.  I’m sure it’ll be good for me.

It’s so weird to have two running partners now!

Although with Miss Reggie, it’s shortlived until she leaves for Thailand!!

Girl needs a paypal up…she’s raising money for her trip.

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  1. although I do NOT know how you are going to fit this into your schedule. But I need to start.

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