My Month Off

After Colfax, I knew I needed a break. I had hardly trained for the race. Running wasn’t really a joy and lots of “stuff” was coming up on my Summer To Do List.  So, I took June off. I rarely ran. I backed off any computer time. I don’t believe I saw Teresa for even one second this month. I entertained multiple houseguests. My children took a lot of allergy meds. I survived both swimming lessons and coaching youth soccer. We made a trip up to the mountains. We went through some “stuff” and made some changes.

And now I’m back. I’m starting again with training. This time I’m doing a little more treadmill work and a little more of the whole Run/Walk method. But, I’m getting out there. My husband, Mr. Aspiring Personal Trainer, has also decided that I need to work on some Core Training. Mr. APT has developed a little 30 minute workout just for me. I’m supposed to do it three times a week. I should start that soon. He won’t let me get away with pretending. But really….you expect how many burpees today? Does watching someone else do them count?

I’m hoping to get in some major running this month. I’m hoping we can be medicine free this month. I’m thinking I’ll see Teresa this month.

Also new this month? We’re going Whole Foods. Yep, we’re giving it a go. Everyone is on board. Even my grocery budget got an increase. This is kind of a big deal. We’re hoping it improves our health, my running and, most importantly, my oldest child’s behavior. I’ll let you know.


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  1. Holy Smokes…it’s a Michelle sighting! I’m so excited!! Good to see you!

    I would LOVE to see you soon. I’ll message you. Meanwhile…wow. So much news! The core training from your husband. Wow. That’s pretty cool. Love the burpee comment…and no. MT says you have to do them yourself. You can’t watch. I’ve asked him that myself.

    And whole foods! Your grocery budget got increased??? That’s very cool. I’m totally going to follow that. I hope it helps…

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