Sweet List

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1.  Shopping and pedicures with Shaughnessy

2.  Getting in a few good runs this week.

3.  straightening out my meds…okay…after figuring out my meds were super screwed up but still.

4.  Getting the kitty in at a reasonable hour.  *it’s the little things*

5.  Finding Myfitnesspal again.  I really do like it and the math really does entertain me. *thanks Solongo*

6.  Finishing my filing ::breathes sigh of relief::

7.  mopping the floor and vacuuming.  (do you see a theme here?  I am getting things done and it feels so good)

8.  I made dinner tonight and it tasted delicious and it was easy and super healthy.  I LOVE that.  *oh could life be like that all the time please?*

9.  My hair is growing out a little bit and I think I like it.  Still deciding.

10.  A friend recommended Jillian Michaels podcast and I do find it interesting.  It’s nice to have something else to listen to.

11.  Quiet mornings on the weekends before everyone else gets up.  My favorite.

12.  The satisfaction of knowing I did it right.  Working out.  Eating right.  Ended the day on an up note.

13.  New shoes.  I don’t have them yet but…maybe tomorrow.