That Damn Cat.

We have a cat.  Technically my son, Alex Michael, has a cat.  Skosh.


Look at that little face.  He looks so freakin’ innocent. Don’t be fooled.  Unfortunately, he is so like my son…I want to smack him frequently.  He purrs and loves on you and charms his way into your heart.  He then goes out at night and cats around like a rotten little teenager.  You worry and you worry.  And you hope he’s safe.

Enter…the dog.

malachi new2

Yeah…I still haven’t found a photo of the dog that’s current and I’m too lazy right now to take one.

He sees the cat coming in and he barks and  barks and gets all excited thus scaring the cat away.  I can’t tell you how frustrating this is.

I then pull out my bag of tricks to get the cat in. 

  • Get the dog into another room.
  • Call the cat in the voice apparently only I have
  • get the treats and shake them
  • close the curtain and the door and make it look like we’re closin’ up shop (I think this freaks the cat out.  He tends to show up soon after)
  • mutter under breath about damn dog
  • mutter under breath about damn cat
  • pray sounds being made aren’t some animal eating your cat
  • Repeat until cat shows up.  Usually about ten or 15 minutes after you begin process

But last night…the cat ran like hell when the dog barked and DIDN’T come BACK.  Yep.  That’s right folks.  Like the crazy parent that I am… I was up until 3am freaking out about the cat.  And the dog?  He wouldn’t come in either.  He stayed outside and BARKED.  I wanted to say and do bad things to them both.  I wanted to slam the door and go to bed.  But for the sake of my neighbors and my sanity I did not. Here’s what I did. 

I set the alarm on my phone for 15 minutes out and slept on the couch and every 15 minutes I would look at the door.  But the dog would have alerted me so it’s not like I missed anything.  Honestly, I have no patience for this damn cat. 

The result of my hard partying is that I got little real sleep, I didn’t get any exercise in this morning, nor strength training (sorry Reg) and felt tired and ontheheadache edge all day long. 

I also felt VERY hypo.  I wondered if that’s a trigger for a hypo week.  If I have to baby myself so I don’t push myself into a hypo week.  I tend to go week on week off and I wonder if my week off is triggered by my energy from week on.  So crazy if it is. 

I ate poorly.  I don’t feel good and I napped this afternoon.  I have virtually no energy.  It’s a rough day folks.  It’s a rough day. 


Motivation is needed for sure.

So let’s try this!