I get it.

I get it.  The woman that wakes up and realizes her  life is not giving her what she needs anymore.

So she leaves.

She leaves a husband and children (the children…wow) and heads out on her own to seek the adventure that life’s restraints and constraints have kept her from.  She’s had enough.

Breaking free, breaking hearts, caring for nothing but herself, she can’t take feeling trapped every.single.day anymore.  Waking up feeling like she’ll never see anything new.

Everywhere she looks people are venturing out and being bold and she’s…well…she’s…

she did her workout today.


She picked up her awesome kid from his martial arts class.  She watched her amazing grandson and did laundry.

But hey.

Life IS good and she IS really grateful.

But she knows there is more


Mountain Rail, Yukon, Alaska<br />
photo via chiko


So she breaks out of her box.  She leaves her safe world that offers comfort in every corner, love everywhere she looks.

She runs…

I get it. 

I wouldn’t ever in a million years do it.

I couldn’t ever leave my children.  And I couldn’t ever leave my husband.

But I want all the world has to offer.

I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

I’m not asking for the world.

I just want a LITTLE more adventure please.  Just a little.



**Note**if I disappear please investigate…it was absolutely foul play.  I did not run away

Also…if I die in this house…sprinkle my ashes somewhere amazing and beautiful.



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  1. You need an adventure getaway! Me too….only not one that takes me away overnight, or costs money, or could cause injury…..so, I guess I’ll let you know when I find one 🙂

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